7 Ways How to Tell If a Girl Likes You Through Text

7 Ways How to Tell If a Girl Likes You Through Text

You can see by a woman’s eyes or body movements if she likes you, but, is there a way how to tell if a girl likes you through text? What are the clues? You have to depend on the things they text, and the timing of those texts to know if you can seduce women who send you messages. Remember these simple tips, and you will be able to work it out without seeing her.

  1. The most obvious clue is that she sends the first text. When you are questioning how to seduce women, chose the one who initiates contact. Having her reach out to you is a great way how to tell if a girl likes you.
  2. If she sends a lot of texts, you can be fairly certain she likes you. You don’t have to seduce women who text often, they’re already seducing you.
  3. How fast a girl responds to your texts is another way how to tell if a girl likes you. If she’s not interested, she will not bother answering. Face it, most people are constantly on their phones, people are seldom too busy to respond if they really want to.
  4. Women who ask a lot of questions are clearly interested in you. Wanting to know everything about you is a definite clue to how to tell if a girl likes you. Answer the questions. Many women store these nuggets of information like gold.
  5. Simple phrases like LOL and LMAO are not a great method for how to seduce women. Sometimes those get thrown out as a filler by men or women who just aren’t paying attention to what it is you are saying. Make sure these short cuts are only used when they are appropriate.
  6. Just like in high school, if a girl gently mocks or teases you in text, you have a sure-fire way of knowing how to tell if a girl likes you. She’s feeling comfortable, familiar and playful. It’s so easy to seduce women at adultfrienedfinder when they are like that. Go for it.
  7. If a woman gives you a cute pet name or a nickname, she likes you. You might hate it, but she thinks it’s sweet. Do yourself a favor, don’t complain, just bask in the attention.

Knowing how to tell if a girl likes you through text is not hard. Granted, you don’t have the visual cues that you would have in person, but often, text can give away more. Look at who texts first, how fast the responses are, and think about what she writes in the texts. In many ways, texting makes hooking up a lot easier. Just remember these tips, and you will be able to Seduce Women Like a King!


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